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While i'm busy...something ride me to hear this song and remind me a verses of the Quran " Do not bow to the sun nor the moon, but bow to God who created them, if you would be true worshippers of Him " Surah Al-Fussilat : ayah 37 .

Album : Yusuf Islam - Foosteps in The Light
Song : Yusuf Islam
Melody : Yusuf Islam
Backup Voice : Raihan

How great the wonders of the heavens
And timeless beauty of the night
How great, then how great the Creator ?
And its stars like priceless jewels
Far beyond the reach of kings
Bow down for the shepherd guiding him home

But how many eyes are closed
To the wonder of this night ?
Like pearls, hidden, deep beneath a dark stream of desires
But like dreams vanish with the call to prayer
And the dawn extanguishes night
Here too are signs...God is the light, God is the Light

How great the beauty of the Earth
and the creatures who dweell on her
How great-then how great the Creator ?
As its mountains pierce the clouds
Hight about the lives of men
Weeping rivers for thousands of years

But how many hearts are closed to the wonders of this sight?
Like birds on a cage, asleep with closed wings
But as work stops with the call to prayer and the birds recite
Here too are signs..God is the Light-God is the Light

How great the works of man and the things he makes
How great-then how great the Creator ?
Though he strives to reach the heavens
he can barely survive
The wars of the world he lives in

Yet, how many times he's tried, himself to immortalise??
Like his parents before him in the Garden of Eden
But like the sun sets with the call to prayer
And surrenders to the night
Here too are sings...
God is the Light Everlasing......


amirul_syahid,  Wednesday, July 25, 2007 4:42:00 PM  

ana suka dengar lagu ini jugak, antara lain nasyid Zain Bhika " Forgive me when i whine " , dan Yusuf Islam " Peace Train " ..
thanks for the posting..:))

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