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This is a light meal taken shortly before the break of dawn. There is consensus that this meal is a highly recommended Sunnah.

In reports by Bukhari and Muslim, Anas (raa) related that the Messenger of Allah said: "Take your early morning meal for in that is a blessing." In another report by Miqdam bin Ma'a Diyikarib (raa) the Messenger of Allah (saas) said: "Take this early morning meal for it is a blessed meal."

In both ahadiths the statement underscores the importance of sahuur, and to caution anyone from thinking they can just stay without a meal all night and continue with fasting. This may explain why the statement came as a command. Although it is not mandatory to eat sahuur, it is highly encouraged so that anyone intending to fast will make an effort to take sahuur.
The crux of the matter is not to show how strong you are, but how obedient you are.

Sahuur, above all, ensures that the devotee has the energy he or she will need during the course of the day, and it makes the fast easier.

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