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Converted Story from Sister Sarah

i first heard about islam from the television where i was watching about hajj and i also had heard the stuff everyone hears about islam so i decided i would read about islam in a book..... it told me about the prophet mohammed and how the Quran came to us.... so then i came online and met a couple of people from an arab chat and they told me about islam... i met my friend nader who later got married and told me i could talk to his wife about islam who was american and was a revert .... i asked her a lot of questions about islam and asked her questions i had as a christain and couldnt find the answer to, but she had the answers from the Quran.... i come to learn more and more about islam and i read some of the quran and i asked her how to become a muslim..

she told me and i made the decision that islam made sense to me and that i could totaly trust in Allah i would never find questions about my faith again... because before that i had been a christian, baptist and i always questioned the exsistence of god and at one time i even became a atheist... ever since i learned about islam and became a muslim i feel more at peace... i used to always feel sad and very depressed but now i know Allah is there and he is helping me get through it all and with Allah i can do anything... since i live in a small town in the south being a muslim isnt exactly easy... there isnt a big muslim community that i know of.. there is about 2 or 3 mosques here that i know of... i dont see muslims anywhere around in my town... as a matter of fact i think im the only one... my parents said it was my decision to make when it came to faith since i was old enough to know righ from wrong.... my dad doesnt seem to be to happy with my decision he thinks i wasnt born a muslim i cant be a muslim... he thinks im just doing this for attention... my mom on the other hand is ok with it she still is head strong about being christain though and would insist

she was right if you were to argue with her... though we both agree we dont argue religion... a few family members poke and make fun of me.... others are just like whatever... when i finally got my dad to let me buy hijab i wore to school i had been going to school for about a month so it was a big change when i wore it though i told everyone who i talked to that i was muslim... i walked in the school building and everyone kept staring and some mad fun of me.... then it came down to the principal who stops me in the hall and says i cannot wear it in the building and i refused to take it off... i told him as american i have the right to wear it... for the 1st amendment states freedom of speech, religion, beliefs etc... the principal and officer told me i had to wait in the office to talk to the head principal and they laughed...

i wasted my time waiting just to hear that i could wear it only for the rest of that day that he would contact the schools lawyer.. later he tells me that if i dont wear full islamic clothing i cannot wear my hijjab that there is no such thing as half muslim... that if i were to wear it i had to wear an abaya... i could not afford one and i wasnt going to let this statement keep me from wearing it so i went behind my parents backs and sent a email to this association for muslims in america... they contacted the school and it went to court... my mom found out and told the woman i was only 17 and she made my decisions.. the woman appologized and said she couldnt help me then... but it still went through court they said that i could wear hijab if my parents signed a note saying i converted to islam and my dad refused so i had to go without wearing it..

they took my hijabs away and finally i got them back only time i wear them is in prayer.. as a muslim in america its not easy but i will never let someone stop me from trusting Allah and having faith in Allah... as a muslim in america you must never quit and never let what someone says stop you ... just try to dedicate some of your time to learning the Quran and about Islam and always remember Allah....


anonymous Friday, September 08, 2006 6:15:00 PM  

Asalam alkum wr allah wb, subhan ALLAH sister sarah , true things cant be count by age or years , here is you young and wonderful lady who found the truth and being wiser then many many older age ppl.... subhan ALALH... you are so smart and pure and May ALAH support you and stand with you and help you be strong and can face all ameeen and may ALALH reward you and fill ur hreat with faith ameen

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