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Email Friend Regarding PURDAH Issue :)

Maaf kerana tidak berkesempatan menulis di blog. Kemaafan di tujukan kepada diri sendiri dan juga sahabat-sahabat yang sudi berkujung ke sini. Mujur ada akhi Alex yang rajin menulis :) shukran..shukran..:) Sempat berbalas email dengan sahabat saudara baru nun jauh di bumi Uncle Sam. Saya terdetik untuk paste kan email ke sini. Sebenarnya tak de apa-apa yang menarik tetapi sekurang-kurangnya saya post something di sini .. Hehe...

To My Friend Sara
Which is now in Maryland, United State of America

Regarding with your questions via email about the purdah (niqab - covered face )issues raised by Dr Abdullah, Sayyid Tantawi, Syeikhul Al-Azhar University. I'm not the expert in this matter to elaborate but on the basis of my knowledge through reading in Islam Online, there are several misunderstandings about his statement. According to Islam Online Sheikh Tantawi has forbidden purdah in institutions that have women students only. Purdah ban does not involve institutions that have men. As my personal views, I am really respect those who wear purdah because each of us has the freedom to do something as long as not excessive legal syara'. Only in terms of purdah is not a legal obligation. If the west is concerned about the rights and freedoms, we are also free to covered ourselves. Everyone is free to do something. Just the matter of the issues is media. False coverage and spread it to others made things more worst. Islam is easy, so do not make yourself distract with all the stupid medias. Hope you get it ! Lol , I'll post this to my blog . Is it ok for you sis ? See you later Insyallah....:)


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